Watch ’007′ the Crow Effortlessly Solve an 8-Step, Complex Puzzle

“Doubt a crow’s intelligence? You won’t after seeing this sneak peek for a new “Inside the Animal Mind” BBC special.

The clip, just over  three minutes in length, shows a crow — dubbed “007″ — easily solve a complex, eight-step problem to earn a snack. Posted to the BBC’s YouTube channel just last week, the clip has gone viral, sitting at just under 700,000 views at the time of publication.

Individuals commenting on YouTube appear stunned that the animal is so effortlessly able to solve “one of the most complex tests of the animal mind ever.”

“That gave me goosebumps,” one user wrote.

“I am astonished,” wrote another.

“Unbelievable,” one more individual echoed.” <

The Problem Solvers
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal? This series gives startling and revelatory answers. Combining jaw-dropping demonstrations of animals’ abilities with revealing photography, Chris Packham travels the world to uncover the secrets of the animal mind.

Chris Packham explores the minds of the cleverest animals on the planet, discovering the astonishing abilities of the best, and most unlikely, animal problem-solvers on the planet, crows. He witnesses a remarkable world first as they solve the most complicated animal-puzzle ever completed. And he uncovers the extraordinary range of animal intelligence: bees which navigate, cockatoos which pick locks and a brilliantly ingenious octopus.”
The Problem Solvers >

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