Powerful Street Art by ROA

source: http://goo.gl/8Ve9St

“Belgian street artist ROA creates heartbreaking images to illustrate the devastating results of animal hunting, pollution and other environmentally destructive human actions. This graffiti missionary manages to strike the world with his bone-chilling monochrome wall-paintings scattered all around the globe.

ROA’s in-your-face and highly creative approach of raising awareness on environmental issues has become his trademark. You can encounter his breathtaking spray-paint artworks in the USA, Canada, UK, Portugal, Mexico and Cambodia, to name just a few. Confused, trapped, suffering, dying, decaying or just boldly standing there and staring out at you, the regionally-based animals raise strongly ambivalent reactions. More importantly, however, they hardly ever leave any place for indifference.”

Original source: roaweb.tumbrl.com


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