Night-Shining Clouds Glow Above Northern Ireland (Photo) / Noctilucent clouds

By Nina Sen, Contributor   |   July 07, 2014

noctilucent-clouds-mcconnell (1)


photo: John C McConnell

“Electric-blue noctilucent clouds glimmered in the sky just before dawn when this amazing image was captured.

Astrophotographer John McConnell took the photo on June 20, 2014 from Maghaberry, Northern Ireland.

Noctilucent clouds or NLCs are blue-white clouds that are so bright they can be seen in the twilight sky.  They typically form about 50 to 53 miles (80 and 85 kilometers) above ground in the atmosphere, at altitudes high enough to reflect light even after the sun has slipped below the horizon. [See more images of these mysterious clouds]


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