Impressive!! Just see what happened when wolves were brought into Yellowstone Park! (VIDEO)




“We are all interconnected, not only with each other but with everything. All in nature is alive, it’s life, and all beings on the planet give balance to various cycles mother Earth goes through. When we start jeopardizing these things, and we have, nature becomes out of balance, we do however have the potential to fix and restore the damage that we’ve done to our planet, but we must do it now. Now is our chance to change the direction we were previously heading.

This video is a great example of what I am talking about. Take a look, and know the sacredness of all life and how it’s connected to everything else.  It is our job as humans to protect it.

Nature has all of the answers we need to see clearly. If we would just take the time to stop and observe, all of the answers we seek in life, all of the problems we currently face and all of the solutions we currently need exist within the nature of things – on a collective and individual level.

We were meant to exist in harmony with it, protect it, work with it, not against it and learn from it.”

Image Credit: The photo used in this article depicting a rare shot of a wolf and bear together in the wild. Taken by Lassi Rautianen 




  1. Ето нагледен пример в какъв деликатен и прецизен баланс е екосистемата и резултатът от всяка необмислена човешка намеса афектира всичко наоколо – даже много повече отколкото предполагаме. В случая една много позитивна намеса от страна на вълците. Тяхната популация в резервата Йелоустоун повлиява много повече отколкото някога бих предположил.

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