Steps to Peace of Mind (“Elexir of Life” Cards)


7.) Peace 

Peace is an interdimensional quality that can be experienced whenever you so chose.

Many people can benefit from experiencing more peace. Yet they go without it for most of their lives. The main reason is because they believe peace is only available once they’ve made a million dollars, found that lover, had those kids, built that dream house, or opened that healing center. By placing these outer goals between you and peace, you deny yourself the gift of peace right now. Let go of the belief that anything stands between you and the experience of peace.

Four Steps to Peace

Step 1. Imagine feeling totally at peace. Imagine your thoughts also fully at peace. 
This seeds the belief in you that peace is possible.

Step 2. Consider all the feelings and thoughts in you that prevent you from having this peace. 
This step is a cleansing process. It’s you being the shepherd for your thoughts and feelings.

Step 3. Ask that these thoughts and feelings be temporarily removed so you can experience peace right now.
Let go of these distractions. Hand them off to God, to the angels, or to the universe. This handing off to a loving carer can be so liberating. It leaves you free to enjoy the stillness beyond any thoughts or feelings.

Step 4. Close your eyes and enjoy this peace for as long as it lasts. Continue to hand off any thoughts and feelings that arise.
This will allow you to extend the period of peace for as long as you like. 

Enjoy this space of peace you’ve created within yourself. As it begins to fill up, hand off the incoming thoughts and feelings to us for as long as you wish.

Peace is very different to joy. While joy is a life force energy that propels you into the world, the stillness of peace is beyond the world. Peace lets you stand apart from the everyday. After using the peace card for some time, you’ll find problems in life seem less serious. Things are OK just as they are. From this heavenly perspective, you’ll be more equipped to handle what life tosses your way. And others will be drawn to the peaceful radiance that emanates from you. Beautiful music.

Make the choice to experience peace when life gets too much. Give yourself this care. And know that peace is available whenever you choose. Believe it, Dear One, and it will be so.

The elixir cards are a simple tool for managing your inner state and choosing the way you want to feel. Enjoy.
photo: author unknown (to me)

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