A bit about courage and 4 steps to it

1.) Courage 

Courage is an interdimensional substance that can be created within you. 

This elixir called courage is truly interdimensional. These are not just pretty words. When you choose to ramp up your courage, and you back this up with visualization and feeling, you’re actually reaching across the dimensions and pulling courage into your body. 

Courage is majestic stuff. Consider the actions of Jesus sacrificing himself on the cross, Joan of Arc facing down the armies of England, or JK Rowland’s struggle as a single mother to bring Harry Potter to the world. It’s courage these people drew upon to slay their dragons and achieve their bold visions. 

Feel the hero inside you. Imagine pursuing your own bold, world-changing visions. Heroically, selflessly, sacrificing yourself even for your own noble truth. Such fine music plays within you in these moments. Fear might play along too but it flows into a larger symphony of courage, and love, and all the best qualities that you are. 

This courage belongs also in your everyday life. The difficult boss, the overbearing spouse, a lifethreatening illness, and more, can all be met with courage. This is you stepping into your strength. And courage is the sword you wield. Or the fuel that fires you across the galaxy. 

Four Steps to Courage 

Step 1. Feel the courage in you right now. Rate this courage between 1 and 10. 
The goal is to get down into your feelings, down in your belly. Once you’re aware of the current feelings, you have a starting point for deciding how you’d prefer to be feeling. 

Step 2. Choose how much courage you’d like to be feeling now. 
Through the roof, you say. Bucket loads! Is there a danger in asking for too much courage? Well, courage without the balancing force of reason could be a hazard. So be reasonable. But go for it. Ask for a full load of courage. 

Step 3. Close your eyes and imagine having this level of courage. How would it feel? What could you do? Vividly imagine doing this right now. 
Stay with the feeling for some time. Focus on the courage growing within you. Magic stuff!!! 

Consider what you could do with this high level of courage. Let your imagination take over here and trust the images you receive. Ride this wave of inspiration. 

Step 4. Open your eyes and begin making this alternate reality a reality in the world. 
Once you’ve completed this internal magic, you should feel energised and excited. The next step is to make it real. Use your newfound courage to make the vision a reality. This is a sacred step. It’s you sharing your inner resources with the outer world and inspiring others to do the same. 

The elixir cards are a simple tool for managing your inner state and choosing the way you want to feel. Enjoy.

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